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There is irony in what’s happening around us. Amidst streets of a thousand lies. Let everything become as black as it can get. I hate culture in its form of stone. Stealing teeth from the hungry ones. I hate the revolution when it is just a nice word you can fit into. This city is as dead as Mr. Debord and still, there is so much that matters. Because when we say meaning, we mean it. Life is real as long as it lasts. We will always be in love, in the name of our dreams. (words) “In a world that is really upside down, the true is a moment of the false.” - Guy Debord Mutability, variation of form, and ambiguity are some of the uncountable characteristics of culture that we can’t forget. We can’t walk on the black streets of lies and spectacular pseudo-culture without feeling that the irony of our times is running in our blood. Keeping a big old stone in our garden of knowledge commodifies the deathly traditions of our dead city. We’re tired of talking about revolution, we’ll take the dead corpse from our bookshelf and build a new city with actual needs. There’s so much to take from them, there’s still so much we can do in this city. Our alienated everyday life in this media-influenced society is stopping us from living for the moment or throwing us to a dubious spectacular moment of ignorance.
Time Line 03:30
Moving myself as a known time traveller with nothing on his hands. Astronauts get lost in space, but they know they will never ever leave there anyway. It’s been said that I miss it, and I do miss everything about it. With clocks moving nothing, nothing moving time. Time is moving nothing. Time moves nothing. So I walk backwards while earth keeps spinning. (words) Let these scars be open wounds again... where time has put salt on them. “Saudade” Everything goes too fast and the feeling of loss makes our heads travel back in time. As long as we do this in a positive way we can only improve ourselves, become something better. As long as we hold our hearts tight, time can’t move a thing...
We taught ourselves how to live. We learned about regret and we don’t need it. Paradiso perduto. It doesn’t matter anymore. What was once respect has now been laid down on the floor. Worn faces you don’t care about anymore. Running with rocks in their pockets. They quit too easily, tired of things being too hard. We will be aware of our own contradictions and we will make mistakes. Don’t need regret.
My hands are my hands, so my actions will always have my name. Rationalism under the drunkenness of identities and dreams. I fall from the hill of nihilism. Journeys without maps. Pretending these days are my everything. Feeding fire with no desire. We stand behind something. We stand behind everything. Holding on to secret plans. Not waiting for regret. (words) “We are what we do, especially what we do to change what we are.” - Eduardo Galeano The possibility of self identity is only possible through our own actions, the journey along the hill of forgettable dreams leads us to a nowhere destination... there’s no identity without action. Change is impossible without a dream. “Soyez réalistes, demandez l’impossible!”
Bráulio: My life, my book. Stories with stories written in brackets, grammatically complete without them. Lines that I decided not to follow. A letter to myself, written by me to a person I haven’t met. Words that paint the memories and soak the tears I never shed. Watermarked full stop. João: This is not about the words we couldn’t ever forget. Fragile dreams are threatened by massive ideas. Hey livid dream, face down is useless when you want to live. Hey livid dream, survival is meaningless when you want to find your dreams. Being utopian shouldn’t be a privilege. My love. My way. My war.
Bráulio: Youth is dead, static carved in the cradle, hands tied, feet drown in cement. Growing up when you are already old. Save the sparks from the war. Lack of motion, the need for spirit. Let it rain to dilute the old pictures. Hands are closed, holding the nothing of nothing. Too weak. Live the myth. João: It’s not the time. Static flights in old dancing nights.
Vírgula 02:23
Iuri: Follow the gods that stand behind profits. Feed the disease you call life. Soak the blood spread on ruins. Bráulio: We are the ones under control. We march the roads that stole our souls. Blood stained flags, black painted streets. Soak the blood spread on ruins. Hide the facts, create the fantasy. We’re giving stones to feed the blind. Ricardo: I’m on your every stain.
Meaning 02:29
Diogo: Listening to songs that finally made it onto the soundtrack of simple days. Meaning. Bráulio: Loving each simple thing and hating the moments without... Learning through, growing up with. Strings unplayed in a perfect song. The fear of dancing when the world is turned on. Take me today.


released December 17, 2008

Recorded at Black Sheep Studios by Makoto Yagyu
Released by We Love Pandas


all rights reserved



ADORNO Westfield, New York

we're a diy band from portugal but some of us currently live in new york, us.

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