Year Two


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X 02:51
it's a drink from a glass full of reasons and no rules. No addressing and no pointing fingers. No coordinates, n X. You used to dissent, now you're just decent. And we were the crowd who lost this year's parade. We were the bitter taste, the burning desire. We are the burning taste, the burning desire. Can't stop this.
Up, North 04:03
There's no tying up from this time. I said there is no tying up from today. Tomorrow, I'm packing a dead corpse and carrying the anchors I have thrown over my back. My back is killing me and I can't deny what lives behind it. I don't want to hold back again, I have lifted banners that I can only follow now. There's no going back to the mountains and finding a place to hide. I carry, indifference is death. I'm not a misanthrope, I'm not anomic. I'm just nothing more than myself when I can't be anything else.
Coming back to what we said before, ten million miles away. Coming back to what we wished back then, there's something in our way. I have my hands full of oil trying to fix this shit. Coming back; not coming back again; there's something in our way. I wish I hadn't spoken but my head is racing over a thousand thoughts. I wish I hadn't said all that shit. Repeat, repeating, but this head is chained to this big mouth and it is coming back to what we said before, ten million miles away. Coffee speeds me up - I like it - but my head cannot track all this new rhythm and I can't keep up with it. And I, can't go back to what we said before, ten million miles way. Can't go back so I have to start again in this new place. I'm tired of fighting a fight where I know I'm not innocent. Coming back. There's hope on the way. I never lost anyone here, so I guess my heart is now in its right place. Keep it here so it can heal next to yours, there's hope on the way.
All this time I have been mad with the world, throwing up coins in the air and seeing if luck could get better results than mine. All this time I said I wanna go far away, but I have just been speeding up to not be late - I challenge time and I always lose. All this time I made up excuses but right now I want you to know it's just time playing with me. I'm angry with the sun and ten minutes late.
Connections 03:12
We made a subtraction of each other in order to establish our own limits. We dive deep and feel incomplete, step out by mistake and realize what we say has no credit at all. So, draw a circle on the floor to easily take one step backward and spit back towards it. We are not our own salvation and we are not our own best examples. I need you as inspiration and I need you to tell me how much I mean to you so we can balance ourselves, knowing that each of our mistakes is part of growing up, together.
The Whale 05:15
Stolen words from the ten thousand truths of other men's mouths. I swallowed a tiger and drank a whole lake to keep my hands down, but I couldn't. No wishing back and no wishing for anything at all. I get no more lies than the ones I already have to live with. I sharpened a knife to keep my heart safe from your forked tongue. No wishing back and no wishing for anything at all. No safety inside this big whale I swallowed. My eyes cry salt and my ears hear nothing at all. I'm eating bones out of this mess and I have nothing more to try and understand.
The Bear 03:54
Sailing out of this safe port. I want to throw up in the sea. It's a fisherman's life, carrying the night and reflecting the stars on this island made of wood. It is so, why I feel so, "everything" and "all" at the same right time. It's a goodbye, I'm leaving. A short time. I don't want to return because I know I have to return. I want to return if I don't know how long it will last. I have a self-made map under my skin but no strength to walk it out alone, so please be my anchor. Or please be my wave, be my wind, I don't want to have a home tonight. I want to throw up in the sea.
Left to the memories of humble days. Left to dust, locked up and forgotten in a box. Can you say, in words, but this time with something real behind them, anything to change my life? I settled with the hope of something big enough to change it all. I put all my strength in improvements, but it’s tricking the mind and faking what I took for real. One thirty six, it goes too fast. I felt I had enough time to think things through but I lost track of everything.
I wouldn’t trade my pick for a coin or a new smile for clean sheets. If we are walking the walk, we will do it together. We’ve been learning by ourselves. We’ve been tracing maps and even with everything outside going at the wrong speeds, I’m sure about this: I want these long nights, these long drives, these tired feet, this sore throat and scratched hands to last forever.
Untitled 03:38
Midnight. We could go wild in these streets but we forgot to fuel the flame, to strike a match or move anything. You know, what lies between made us colder than winter nights. Words are shut out, bodies grow numb and we spend one more night alone. It’s all done, reinvented and thought about. But let’s not forget we are not potential failures. We just forgot to throw ourselves into what really matters. We forgot how to do all of this together.
What has been said? This shit leads us nowhere. We know it’s all it needs to feed itself. We have to reverse what we love and give something in return. Hypocrisy keeps playing in forgotten songs about wrong subjects we have all faced before. What has been said? This shit leads us nowhere. It’s the need to have something to say that keeps us saying the right things. Yet we let our eyes shine. Always. So make a promise and I know you’ll take it till it’s forgotten. Leave these things unclear and throw them as an opportunity for others. Always, said and unsaid.


released April 1, 2012

Songs 3, 4, 5 recorded by Pedro Barcelo at Adorno's Practice Place 65-A and mixed by Will Killingsworth
Songs 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 recorded by Makoto Yagyu at Black Sheep Studios


all rights reserved



ADORNO Westfield, New York

we're a diy band from portugal but some of us currently live in new york, us.

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